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Sage Private Yoga Session

Soothe your body, mind and spirit while enjoying a full hour of restoration, balance and serenity in the Sage Yoga experience. We begin this private session with the Sage signature foot soak and foot scrub before moving into our private yoga room for a journey into relaxation and health. Through your practice, you will experience asana (postures), pranayama (breath work), movement and meditation. A focus on correct alignment will help to stretch and strengthen your body while helping to relieve stress, aches and pain. We end your practice with a grounding chakra balance through the placement of smooth, hot stones on the major energy points which will bring equilibrium and harmony into your body. You will leave feeling refreshed and renewed! Sage Spa Yoga is perfect on its own or pair with any other Sage Spa experience for a truly harmonizing experience! (Sage Private Yoga can be done for up to two guests at a time-bring a friend! $60/guest)

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Sageborn Soy Candle

A soy wax candle with the Sageborn signature scent. Lemongrass and sweet orange provide a relaxing aroma for instant serenity. Breathe deeply and relax knowing 100% natural, made in Montana Sageborn products are working to keep your skin healthy.

4 fl oz / 112 mL / $18

Jolene Tabbert, Hair and Nail Care Artist, Billings, MT

Sage is pleased to recognize Jolene Tabbert for her exceptional work! Jolene has worked for Sage for nearly 8 years! "I love the culture of Sage and the experience we give our guests. I have always had a passion for hair! I love to make my guests feel good and give them a cut and color that fits them and that they can maintain at home." Jolene loves to spend time with her 3 year old son either going boating or watching baseball. She also loves to do hot yoga! Namaste!

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