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Live Well Spa Package
This full day package includes: a 60 minute Sage Massage, 60 minute Sage Facial, 60 minute Sage Pedicure, 60 minute Sage Manicure, Make-Up Application and Spa Lunch.
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Expectant Mother Spa Package
This half day package includes: a 90 minute Pre-Natal Massage, a 60 minute Sage Pedicure and a 60 minute Sage Manicure.
220.00 150 minsBuy a Gift Card
Hydrate Spa Package
This half day includes: a 60 minute Farm to Spa Body Scrub and a 60 minute Sage Pedicure.
160.00 120 minsBuy a Gift Card
Be Balanced Spa Package
This half day package includes: a 30 minute Express Massage, 30 minute Express Facial, 30 minute Express Pedicure, and a 30 minute Express Manicure.
190.00 120 minsBuy a Gift Card
Sage @ Home
Bring the experience of Sage into your home! We are able to do any of our services listed on our menu in the comfort of your home. What a great idea for a party or special occasion! Please call one of our locations for details on specific pricing.
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