Heal the hands and feet naturally with our organic, healing manicures and pedicures. All nail care products used are Sageborn, 100% pure and natural, essential oil based. We believe in healing the skin naturally with the use of pure plant and flower extracts. With over 100 nail polish colors to choose from, you will definitely be able to find a color that suits your needs. All nail polishes used are free of toxins and are very healthy for the nails. All nail experiences include a relaxing aromatherapy foot or hand soak, cuticle work, nail filing, organic foot or hand scrub (excluding 30 min experiences) gentle, relaxing foot or hand massage, organic shea butter foot or hand treatment (excluding 30 min experiences) and hydration. Curious as to what products were used in your nail care experience? Give us a call and we can look at your profile and let you know. All products used in your nail care experience are available for purchase at Sage or through our online store.

Simple, authentic nail care. Start with how long your wish your experience to be. From here, you have the ability to add-on to customize your experience based on your own needs and preferences.


Sage Manicures

  • 45 minutes ($30) 60 minutes ($40)
  • Longevity add-on $10 (Sage’s healthy version of shellac using an LED light to cure and each layer used is fortified with vitamins and minerals for a healthy natural nail)
  • Nail Tattoo Add-on starting at $5
  • Nail Art Add-on starting at $5
  • Longevity (shellac) Removal $10
  • Private Room Add-on $10
  • Waterless Manicure $25
  • Polish Change $20
  • Children’s Manicure (for children 12 and under) $20

Sage Pedicures

  • 45 minutes ($50) 75 minutes ($65)
  • Longevity Add-on $10 (Sage’s healthy version of shellac using an LED light to cure, each layer used is fortified with vitamins and minerals for a healthy natural nail)
  • Nail Tattoo Add-on starting at $5
  • Nail Art Add-on starting at $5
  • Longevity (shellac) Removal $10
  • Private Room Add-on $10
  • Waterless Pedicure $35
  • Polish Change $20
  • Children’s Pedicure (for children 12 and under) $30

Give your hands and feet some love and purchase a series. Purchase five and receive one complimentary.

  • 30 Minute Sage Manicure Series $150
  • 60 Minute Sage Manicure Series $200
  • 30 Minute Sage Pedicure Series $325
  • 60 Minute Sage Pedicure Series $250
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Discover Sage Spa Experiences

We believe in handcrafting authentic spa experiences for each and every guest. Our menu of spa experiences is simple, which allows us to purely customize your experience based on your individual needs and your true authentic self. In all spa experiences, we use Sageborn products which are essential oil based, 100% pure all made here in Montana. Discover all of our spa categories:


“My artist was awesome, I love my manicure and pedicure, she did such an amazing job. Was meticulous and detailed.”

Francesca, guest

“Oh my heavens – outstanding! Excellent customer service – nails look great and I will be a customer for life!

Susan, guest

“This was the best pedicure I have ever gotten! My artist was very through and articulate.”

Jean, guest


A gift card to Sage is the perfect gift. They can be used for any of our Sage goods or spa experiences. You can purchase them for any amount or even for a specific experience. We will email the recipient their gift card, or you can call us and we will mail it to them.

FAQ About Nail Care

What is the difference between Sage’s Longevity polish and shellac?

The Longevity polish (Sage’s healthy version of shellac) is cured with an LED light vs a UV light to protect the hands from harmful UV rays. Each layer of the Longevity polish is fortified with vitamins and minerals and all in all, our longevity polish is much healthier for the natural nail vs any other shellac product in the market today.


I think I may have a nail fungus. Can I still get a manicure or pedicure?

If you think you may have a nail fungus, we recommend seeing a dermatologist ASAP so they can help you. For your health and the health of others, we would recommend you waiting to get a nail service done until your fungus has been cleared up. We have all products used in your nail service for sale at Sage so please stop in and we can help you pick out some products!


How long with my nail polish last after having a manicure or pedicure?

It depends! Having your hands in and out of water can definitely create moisture under the nail, which can cause the polish to lift. Generally, nail polish on the hands tends to lift faster than polish on the toes due to our hands being more exposed than our feet. If you have a special event and need your polish to be long lasting, we recommend our Longevity polish as it can last much longer.